Here you get bargain discounts, coupons, freebies, and a lot more promo deals Start saving now Choose one deal or more Claim your promo deals at your favorite stores Celebrate big savings on the brands you love Check out the daily deals Discover the fun when shopping with promo deals Subscribe now to receive latest deals or “MyPromo Online”, referred to as “Site” shall create a safe, fair, and responsible advertising environment for:

  1. Product, service, or brand promoters referred to as “Advertisers”;
  2. subscribers and visitors referred to as “Customers” or “Consumers”;
  3. owners, its officers, agents, and employees referred to as “Publisher”; and
  4. General public

To this end, the Publisher expects all Advertisers to comply with the following Policies. Please note that each Advertiser is responsible for complying with the Policies below.

All advertisements and promotions are subject to the approval of the Publisher which reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. The Publisher shall also monitor compliance with the existing Policies and to enforce the Policies, but assumes no obligation to do so. The Publisher reserves the right to modify these Policies at any time without written consent or prior notice.

Be Truthful

All promotions and advertising on the Site must be accurate and truthful in accordance with applicable Philippine laws and regulations. The company or brand advertising should clearly and accurately describe the promotional products or services, events, discounts, rebates, down payments, or any deal offered. The advertisement must be known as to when and where it is offered, and identify the Advertiser by trademark or signature.

Every promo must comply with Republic Act No. 7394, also known as Consumer Act of the Philippines, and with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulations, especially pertaining to advertising & promotions. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to review the contents on the Site and to confirm their accuracy. The Advertiser shall be exclusively held liable, under civil or criminal law, for deceiving the Consumers on advertising, including but not limited to privacy violation, copyright infringement or plagiarism.

If an Advertiser is found to be submitting inaccurate or misleading promo listings, the Publisher will work with the Advertiser to update the contents. If the Advertiser cannot or will not adjust the offending contents, the Publisher reserves the sole right to remove the listings from the Site without notice. Though the Site can be seen globally, it supports advertising and promotions for the Customers and general public within the Philippines, so we advise Advertisers to adhere to the truth and honest advertising.

The Publisher shall not be responsible for any damage, including but not limited to actual, direct, incidental or consequential damages, for errors in displaying any ads.  

Remove Expired and Unavailable Promo

All expired or otherwise unavailable promotion shall be removed from the listing feed. Otherwise the Advertiser must advise the Publisher as soon as such promo is no longer available or cancelled for whatsoever reason. If the Publisher finds any promo listing that had expired or unavailable on the Site, it will be removed immediately without notice.

Do Not Submit Illegal, Inappropriate or Offensive Content

Any illegal, inappropriate and offensive content is strictly prohibited on the Site. Examples of such content include any content that the Publisher deems infringing, disparaging, libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, illegal or otherwise inappropriate or in poor taste. The Publisher may reject or remove any such content from the Site without notice.

For Sponsored Ads

Sponsored advertisements shall be considered premium advertisements of the Site in which the company or brand may be featured on the Site to acquire more audience, thus Customers or Site guests will know who they are and what they offer. In addition, with prior approval by the Publisher, Hyperlinks and HTML may be allowed to redirect to the Site of the Advertiser’s company or brand website.

Protect User Data

The Publisher does not release personally identifiable data of any Customer or Site guest (“User Data”) or email service to Advertisers.

Respond to Leads Promptly

The Publisher expects that all Advertisers shall respond to consumer emails and phone inquiries in the manner requested by the Consumer immediately or as soon as possible from the time the inquiry is received. The Publisher further expects that all Advertisers will respond to Consumers in a prompt, honest, courteous and professional manner, especially if it desires to attract new Customers and retain loyal ones.

Be Professional when Responding to Reviews.

Read and respond to all reviews in a timely manner. Any responses should be polite and honest. If responding to a negative review, never use threatening, harassing, profane or otherwise inappropriate language. The Publisher reserves the sole right to reject any review content or any response at any time and without notice.

Images and Video

Images and videos posted on the Site are intended primarily to depict the product or service being advertised and promoted. Images and videos may also be used for general branding and informational purposes.  The Publisher reserves the right to suppress any images or videos which do not comply with this policy.