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Want to have an immediate presence, and able to reach online consumers?

Want to build your brand?

Want to be viewed by inquisitive and curious prospective consumers?

Want to increase sales and revenue?

Want to increase foot traffic?

MyPromo Online is one of the leading consumer destinations for collaborative advertising and promotional campaigns which may include online coupons, discount deals, freebies & giveaways, promotional code hunting and sharing, and other various deals.

Our mission is to help mixed consumers save money and enjoy a hassle-free promo-discount shopping experience.

The digital world offers many such opportunities, and by using the fast-growing digital marketing, you can really give your marketing efforts a boost. Since 2007, MyPromo digital subscribers have availed and shared thousands of deals and offers from various merchants and retailers, through innovative marketing mix. This is often crucial when determining a product or brand’s offer, and is often associated with the four Ps: price, product, promotion, and place.

Our vision is to be one of the most sought-after digital advertising and promotional site with more value propositions, to stimulate customer interest and promote brands, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales through various digital marketing channels.

Our reach includes a million plus digital media subscribers and site visitors to MyPromo Online.

MyPromo Online community get-up-and-go attitude has meant that everyday thousands of people visit our site immediately to check for new and updated promos before making their purchase decision. In search of a better way, MyPromo Online delivers more offers a day that drives traffic and sales, and highlights customer experience.

Be one of our merchant partners now, and be seen by more people online. You’ll definitely be surprise with your online exposure. With the way we do business, we always think that customers, sales channels, and employees must be inspired and drives participation. People make decisions by balancing emotional and rational thoughts. When we can do that, you can go beyond just results, and you can achieve more things down the line.

If you are a merchant who desires to advertise and promote your brands, products or services, with a coupon or other deal that you would like to offer to the digital subscribers then there are a number of ways of doing it:

  • laptop-mac-tabletPromotion Opportunities – Category promotions are available for any category on MyPromo Online. The online ads reach the customers and prospects who are most likely to buy what you are selling. Helping shoppers create a list of items to buy as they prepare to go to their favorite stores.




  • Coupon – The beauty of collaborative coupons is that consumers can enjoy discounts or other deals from their preferred stores. The coupons presented to the merchants – social promotions or targeted promotions – connect the digital subscribers to your coupon offers.


  • Update Alert – The MyPromo Online “Hot Promos” or “Latest Promos” is sent periodically whether daily or weekly to digital subscribers who opt-in to receive email and mobile messages. Those who want to receive promo notifications, most importantly, are highly qualified subscribers who are very engaged audience. These consumers buy more than regular shoppers, shop more frequently and spend more on each shopping trip and on all trips combined.

To truly get into the lives of consumers, you have to attach your brand to the things they really care about, the things they involve themselves in, the things they wish they could spend more time pursuing – their passions. By using the principles of Influencer Marketing, you will definitely be engaged with your valued customers, attract more new customers, increase revenue, and dominate the competition.


MyPromo Online is focused on the consumer shopping behavior especially on gender, age, shopping preferences, store foot traffic, and store visit frequency. Understanding the demographics of your target customers is critical for the success of the business.

Advertise with us and see the growth potential that lies ahead. The IMPACT is important to stay ahead with the competition.

What we have done with other clients, we believe we can do it with you.

To get started and for further details, simply contact us:


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